Sunday, April 11, 2010

My sincere apologies, plus Fiber Alley

First of all, I've been neglecting this space. Some things are shifting here in my household, and I'm finding myself gone a lot more of the time. This is good and bad in a way....good in that I'm able to reach some goals I had set for myself...bad in the fact that all creativity, crafting, and making of almost all sorts has come to a screeching halt. We did do a cool easter craft that I'll blog about soon, and a little bit of knitting here and there has been going on, but that's about it. No completed projects have been crossed off the list...which makes me feel restless, but I'm just tying to keep my head above water right now honestly. It's hard to be gone from the household so much, when I've been right here almost everyday for so long. It'll be okay though, and possibly short lived, so I'm rolling with it as best I can.

Now on to happy things.

This weekend was the annual Fiber Festival. I am lucky enough to live in a place where this is just a few short miles away from house one time a year. This event is fabulous! The Fiber Festival is a gathering of all kinds of fiber enthusiasts, knitters, spinners, rug hookers. There are vendors of all of the above crafts, tons of yarn, fiber, raw wool, spinning wheels, you name it is there. And live animals to boot. Goats, angora rabbits, sheep. So, so fun if you are into this kind of thing.

And what's so great is that a lot of the vendors manufacture their own yarn. So they own the sheep, shear the sheep, process wool, dye the wool, spin the wool, then sell it at the fiber festival!!! It is such an art, and their is so much beauty at every turn, I can barely keep my eyes in my head. Can you believe the gorgeousness? Kinda makes you wanna reach out and touch it huh?

I also was able to meet a the designer of this fabulous pattern. It's called Summit and you can find the FREE pattern here. And I saw the finished project, the one made by the designer in person. This is ABSOLUTELY going on my to-do list right away. This pattern kinda makes my head spin, but it's beautiful....I just kept staring at it, and I love that color, I'm thinking mine might me close to that color as well.

And my girl got to hold a baby angora bunny. It was THE softest thing I've ever felt! And really tiny under all that fur. That had them for sale...but we didn't come home with one.

Have a happy week everyone! Hopefully, I'll be back soon!