Friday, January 29, 2010

Kittens and Mittens

Actually there are no kittens in this post, but there are a LOT of mittens. It seems like mitten knitting has been where it's at for me the past few months. I started in November with Bella's Mittens. I was still in a giddy post New Moon viewing phase and just HAD to make these. They are beautiful, I used an alpaca yarn which was less than ideal for these mittens and my coat because they shed like crazy, and the cable definition is kind of lost...but they are crazy warm. I think I read somewhere once that alpaca is 60 times warmer than wool.

Next up on the mitten circuit are the Give a Hoot mittens for my oldest daughter. I had decided that I was going to knit mittens for both of my girls to put into their christmas stockings. That didn't happen, because of those colorwork mittens I blogged about yesterday...I ended up finishing those on Dec. 24. Both girls got their mittens the week after christmas so everybody's hands are nice and toasty.

My oldest daughter loves owls. So these mittens are perfect for her. I made them out of an inexpensive nylon blend (that way I won't wanna kill her if/when she loses one or more). They are the perfect size...if they weren't pink I would be stealing them.

And lastly, Hope's mittens. These turned out so cute! They are 100% wool. I've been saving this particular skein of yarn for almost three years....why? I'm not sure...I guess maybe because it was the first quality wool yarn I ever bought right after I had learned how to knit. I bought it at a yarn festival in 2007, and because I had just learned how to knit...I did not save the tag or any info about the yarn. So I have no idea who made it, dyed it, nothing. I decided to break in out for Hope's mittens because it's got such a great mix of colors and it matches her coat. I have quite a bit left over so I will probably make her a hat as well.

And I'm still not done...I've got several patterns I'm wanting to try out for myself. Just call me a mitten knitting fool. Say that 3 x's fast.


Heather Greenwood said...

oh gosh, you've been on a roll... love all the mittens!

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Beautiful job on all of those mittens!!

Tara Hightower said...

Wow!! You have done a great job on all of those! They are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

they are all fantastic!