Thursday, February 4, 2010

The strike is over.

My chickens have been on strike. A month long strike. No egg laying, not a one of them. This is typical with chickens I know...during the winter especially. But our chickens have never done that before this year...they've never had a strike period, not in the 3 years we've had them. It's been kind of a bummer coming back from the barn everyday empty-handed. But not today!!! We are back in business! I LOVE gathering eggs. There is something wonderful about finding eggs inside the chicken coop. Even though I'm scared of the chickens(I know, right?) I love getting the eggs. There is something so beautiful about those earthy brown colors.....gorgeous!

So thank you dear chickens for picking up the was about time. I feel like I should make a frittata or something in celebration, but I won't because as of right now, I only have a dozen. Gotta wait and see if they are gonna keep up the good work, they can be fickle.......

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